Somerleyton Road P.2

Clip length: 6 mins 54 secs
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Footage shot around 1963-64

00:00 Somerleyton Road
01:00 "No room for Jesus" sign; 'Great conflict in Somerleyton Road' sign; ' Cry produce by Evang C C Salmon' sign;
02:00 Railton Road Methodist Church sign; Brixton Advice Centre sign;
02:08 newspaper headlines 'police step up the aggro'
02:40 Chaucer Road

Around this point there is footage of a building on the corner of Chaucer rd which used to be the home of Wilfred Ackroyd (pianist) in the late 1950s. It was damaged during the Brixton riots.

02:53 Elm Park sign
03:00 Brixton Hill Methodist CHurch sign
03:16 Brixton tube sign; railway bridge sign 'Colliers'; routemaster;
03:39 Police station; High Street;

There is a separate clip from an interview with Sam watching this footage- at this point in the film he recounts a story about his son having a run in with the police

04:31 Veg stall; railway arches, Tesco
04:55 Market
05:00 Brixton Station Road sign; market
05:56 Granville Arcade sign; market
06:51 '45p Records cut price' sign

The man narrating the film is William Strun who still lives near by