Somerleyton Road P.4

Clip length: 14 mins 15secs
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Pastor Graham is commentating.
"I surrender" is the organ music playing through out.

Footage of Jesus Saves church which was built in 1969 at the cost of £8000. The church was to last 8 years before its forced demolition.
13.50 Pastor Headlum.
14.30. 'No deal, you must go' (sign)
16.30. The white van moving stuff belongs to Sam (Clovis Salmon)
17.30. "must obey council, must obey government' (voice over)
18.07. Hammer & Christie
18.40. Pastor Henry, Pastor Robinson & Deacon Green.
Pastor Robinson now runs New Wave Pentecostal church at 109 Shakespeare Road, where Sam now goes.
19015. Pastor Robinson & Deacon Green
22.52. "We are helping to keep Children off the streets" (sign)
24.06. Sam in white overalls working on Jesus Saves site.