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Interviews and footage taken in the aftermath of the Brixton riots.

This footage is a mixture of Sam’s own footage, and TV coverage of the riots that Sam has filmed from the TV. Some of the voiceover is Sam’s own, and includes three people that he interviewed in the street; some is audio news coverage, that he has placed over his own footage. Sam went out on the Sunday after the riots and filmed the damage around Railton Road stretching from Leeson Road to Chaucer Road. For some of this footage he walked round with the camera hidden under his jacket.

00:00 - 00:12 Clip of church service

00:12 Footage of aftermath of riots. Sam's filming? with newsreader on audio, describing the events of the riot

00:30 Upturned and burnt out car, fireman in background
00:59 Comment about the 'Windsor Castle' (later also referred to as the Duke of Windsor) pub on Leeson Road, the first pub to be set alight.

01:16 Speech (?from news programme) 'Job, money, National Front, you can only take a certain amount you know, you just explode". Firemen picking through rubble, some smoke still visible

01:26 Description of bus being hi-jacked, newsreader voiceover

01:39 Sam interviews a man (chewing gum, short moustache) " I think they're overdue...". Sam didn’t know who this man is.
01:55 Sam mentions the damage caused by fire to the buildings on the road, man replies that there is bound to be some casualties.
02:01 Sam interviews an older man, zipped cardigan, short hair, who speaks about the police keeping vigilant. Sam didn’t know this man, but stopped him in the street to talk to him.
02:24 Clip of firemen standing in a line at corner of Railton Rd and Chaucer Road (?), Sam voiceover
02:27 Clip of firemen standing next to a vicar. Sam thinks this he is from a Methodist church.

02:29 News of the World headline "The bloodied face of Brixton", voiceover from news again

02:48 Clip of firemen hosing a building, Sam voiceover says it's the Duke of Windsor

02:52 Footage of TV coverage at the time, (theme tune sounds like Panorama)

03:36 voiceover repeats itself

04:27 Lord Scarman is mentioned, and the report that he wrote.

04:40 clip of a sign of Sam's; "Try Jesus today their is no failure in God"
Second sign " Stop violence turn to Jesus now Jesus is the answer for your need so try Jesus for a change today". Sam put these signs up in the street in response to the riots.

04:47 Shot of the George pub, corner of Effra Parade and Railton Road. This is now a bar called 'Harmony', prior to that it was called 'Mingles'.
Sam's voiceover, 'many people been asking the question... '

05:24 Shot in opposite direction, the bath centre, next to J Kleiner warehouse (which still stands today)

05:34 Sam interviews a man in hat, smoking a cigarette. This was a man called Vincent Brown. He later returned to Jamaica and has since passed away.

06:27 Shot of 'Bookbinders and Print finishers', people look like they're trying to break door down

06:32 Another shot of the bath centre, Sam's voiceover. Bath centre burnt out windows
06:39 Shot of garages, Sam's voiceover says 'burnt out by fire as well'. Sam mentioned to me that a house on the corner of Chaucer Road was owned by a Winifred Ackrell, a pianist, and had been since the 50’s, or she was in her 50’s!
06:48 Shot of Railton Road, from corner with Leeson Road/or Effra Parade, looking up towards Brixton

06:55 Shot of TV programme again, a discussion with locals about what had happened. Sam said that Lord Scarman and others from the Houses of Parliament had come down to Brixton to speak to local people about what had happened.

07:30 - 07:49 TV interview with M/Halvin Swaby describing being beaten by police for no apparent reason, has injured hand, was hit on the head

08:14 Back to group interview, man asking interviewer ' do we all look like organised people? DO we look organised to you?'
08:26 TV programme returns to shot of panel round a table discussing the riots, including a police officer, talking to someone called Mr oOateng?

08:43 TV shot of people arriving from West Indies on boats, voiceover describes this, and points out 'It is worth remembering that they were asked over by the British because of a shortage of labour’

08:59 More TV footage of riots, and voiceover again of petrol bomb being thrown

09:10 ends