Rowe Sis Rule 65-70


The group in black and white

The group in black and white footage are the Evangelical Touring Harmonisers founded in the early 1960's by Anton G Latouche. They were pioneers and also prototype for the embryonic black gospel music industry in the UK.

Steve A Smith
Researcher and Author:British Black Gospel music history

Just wanted to say this is

Just wanted to say this is just an amazing, AMAZING nostalgic clip of Effra Road Church, especially as I am the figgity child in the red cardigan being held by my mother! Wow! My father, a deacon is one of those serving the Lord's supper and one of my brother is in the congregation. Effra Rd, one of the founding churches has great memories for those who attended. We still talk about it.
Thank u for highlighting Mr Salmon's videomaking achievements. He is a true pioneer and visionary. I'm so glad you've helped him bring his outstanding work out to the forefront. Keep up the good work. Carol

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